Using Lightboard to Create Videos

A lightboard is an easy-to-use recording tool that allows instructors to mimic writing on a whiteboard. The instructor is able to face the camera and draw diagrams, equations, etc. while explaining the diagrams and facing the audience.


Dr. David Hunter, Professor and Department Head, Department of Statistics, Eberly College of Science, talks about Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) using the new lightboard at Penn State.
Credit: David Hunter



"Iceberg dead ahead - What fraction is underwater?" by Matt Anderson at San Diego State has been edited to include a title page and credits.
Credit: Matt Anderson



Tips and Tricks

  • Talk about one topic at a time!
  • Keep your videos to five minutes or less.
  • Only fill the board once - erasing a little bit is ok but if you need to erase all or most of the board, the video is likely too long.
  • Bring a flash drive if using a One Button Studio!
  • Pause before starting and look at camera. This gives you a good cut point.
  • Wear darker clothes - no patterns or words please.
  • Stand out of the content area. This is not always possible but try to plan for this and allow yourself some places to stand where the writing is not covering your face the majority of the time. Some faculty use columns and stand in the middle.
  • When you aren't writing or pointing, look at the camera.
  • Be aware that you aren't drawing outside of the camera view.


The EMS Faculty Studio has a lightboard for EMS faculty. 

EMS Faculty Studio

Also, at University Park there are two One Button Studios that have lightboards available to all students and faculty. 

Pollack Lightboard

Davey Lightboard in PAMS library 

Or faculty can directly contact the consultant on staff,  Alexandra Kowsh,