Sample Correspondence to DAAs for e-Learning Co-op Courses Proctored Exams

The following 3 letters are sent by the director of the Dutton Institute to the Directors of Academic Affairs (DAAs) at participating campuses. The 3 letters serve to:

  1. Alert the DAAs to the fact that his course includes a proctored final exam (and to establish that he has the right campus contact)
  2. To remind the campus contacts (who might be different from the DAAs who received the first letter) that a proctored final is forthcoming and that they'll be expected to handle their campus's logistics, and
  3. To deliver the actual exam and student info.

Letter #1 - Sent via e-mail after the add/drop deadline

[I have addressed this to individuals who, according to my records, serve as Directors of Academic Affairs at participating Penn State locations. Please forward to a different recipient if appropriate.]

Dear Colleagues,

I am instructor of record for GEOG 121: Mapping Our Changing World, which your campus has elected to offer through the e-Learning @ Penn State Cooperative. I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your students.

I also want to alert you that my strategy for evaluating student learning does include a single, proctored, final examination. Thanks in advance for helping me to arrange this at your campus.

A course description is published at You are welcome to increase enrollment limits at your campus in response to student requests. Please advise students, however, that the course requires considerable effort and computer literacy. Fewer than 10 percent of students earned "A" grades in Fall 2005.

Many thanks for your cooperation. Feel free to call me if any questions arise.


Ann Taylor, Director
John A. Dutton e-Education Institute
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
2217 Earth & Engineering Sciences Bldg.
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802
Office: 814 ### ####


Letter #2 - Sent via e-mail after mid-semester


This is to confirm that I do plan to conclude GEOG 121: Mapping Our Changing World with a proctored final examination. The exam is a closed-book, 32-question, multiple choice test.

I will proctor the exam at University Park (schedule number 603976). GEOG 121 does not yet appear in the Final Exam schedule in eLion; I trust that Michelle Henry in the Department of Geography will take care of that for me.

Students at the following campuses are also enrolled in GEOG 121 via the e-Learning Cooperative:
- DuBois (schedule number 668839)
- Lehigh Valley (schedule number 676534)
- McKeesport (schedule number 665158)

I trust that DAAs' staffs will arrange for proctored exams to be held at their campuses. I will send printed exams to proctors one week in advance. I'll expect proctors to return finished exams to me immediately after the exam session.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Letter #3 - Sent on Departmental letterhead via surface mail approx. 1 week before the exam date

TO: Katherine Eck, Registrar
FROM: Annie Taylor
SUBJECT: e-Learning Co-op Spring 2006 GEOG 121 final exam

Thank you for arranging a proctored final exam for the following Lehigh Valley students who are enrolled in GEOG 121, Section 901:

Doe Jane J.                *-****-6221     jjd111
Presley Elvis A.          *-****-9656     eap123
Sample Student S.     *-****-5918     sss135

Four copies of the final exam (three for students, one for proctor) are enclosed, along with three scan sheets.

Please have the proctor return all exam copies and scan sheets to me at the following address:

2217 Earth & Engineering Sciences Building
Penn State University Park
University Park PA 16802

I will be available to answer questions at 814-###-####

To allow me time to process the exams and report course grades on time, please ask the proctor to return materials to me no later than Friday, May 5.

Thanks again!