Online Learning in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

The following page has some examples of technology that is available for use in a course. 

New Syllabus

The new syllabus design/approach is launched for GEOG 438W - followup on usability and preference will be done with students after the current offering concludes. If anyone is interested in applying this new look, contact Carl.

Demonstration of Online Courseware

Specific teaching and learning strategies

  • Animations -
    • EGEE 102 (Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection) has animations demonstrating conduction and convection of heat
    • FSC 432 (Petroleum Processing) has a simple animation demonstrating the oil refinery flow as well as another one that shows the four types of processes used in a petroleum refinery
  • Interactive experiments - 
  • FSC 432 (Pretoleum Processing)
    • Script embeded on the page to allow a student to explore calculating VABP, MeABP by entering the distillation temperatures in the table
  • Knowledge checks - 
    • EARTH 104 has exercises to help students "activate" their learning through a number of different activities which they write about their findings and get general feedback 
    • EARTH 111 uses graphics and knowledge check questions to help students understand the important content before making them stop and think and they write about what they just learned
    • EGEE 102 has questions integrated into the content page to check student understanding while learning
    • MATSE 202 uses randomly generated mathematical equations to check student understanding
    • EARTH 103 uses an H5P element to help student check their knowledge before moving onto a new topic 
  • Narrated screen capture -
  • Real-life case studies - GEOG / EME 432 (Energy Policy)
  • Simulations - METEO 469 (Understanding Global Warming) METEO 469 has an interactive activity using a tool that was built in Flash.
  • Videos
    • Lesson Introduction, on location with help of videographer: EARTH 103 (Recent Climate Change)
    • Photos with voice over to tell a story: EARTH 104 (Dealing with Drought)
    • Concept explanation on location with help of a videographer: EARTH 104 (Example of Energy)
    • Expert interpretation of a complicated graph with voice over: EARTH 104: (Energy Use)
    • Interviews with content experts: EARTH 501 (Controversies in the Earth Sciences)
    • Site visits and field trips: EARTH 530 (The Critical Zone)
    • Adding instructor presence: GEOSC 010 (Geology of the National Parks)
    • Student-generated content: GEOSC 010 (Geology of the National Parks)
    • Explaining a concept: EGEE 102 (Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection)
  • Many more examples! - Through our Open Educational Resources initiative website, you can look at more than 70 complete online courses. (We also "publish" information about our OER at the OER Commons.)