Polling Tools

I was recently asked by a faculty member to help find a way for students to sign up for topics to research in his class instead of him assigning them each topic. Using this particular process does two things. First, it gives the student the power to choose a topic that interests them. Second, it gives the faculty member some extra time to engage with students. A web search will reveal lots of options for creating a poll. Some options require that users sign up for an account and others do not. Some tools are easier to use while others are more flexible and have more options. The tools listed below have one charateristic in common, they are all free. The faculty member who I was working with did not need dates associate with the topics on the poll, he just needed a list of topics and an area for a student to add their name. All of the tools listed below will do that. In the end, he selected Doodle because he was familiar with it and it is simple for everyone to use. These are both great reasons when selecting a tool to use. 

  1. SignUp Genius
  2. Doodle
  3. SignUp.com
  4. Google Forms
  5. Google Sheets