End of Semester Grades if you Drop Assignments

If you drop grades during the semester, you will need to semi-manually change all incomplete assignments to zero before you can finalize grades. 

There is an easy way to do this in the grade book. Click on the pull-down arrow at the top of an assignment. Click on 'Set Default Grade'. Enter 0 as the grade, and make sure you do not overwrite grades that are already entered. Canvas will automatically change all "-"s to "0"s and leave the graded assignments alone.


Determining Semester Participation

LionPATH grading screen showing participation options

Under federal regulations, students who do not complete the entire semester may not earn the full amount of their aid for the semester, and the University must return any unearned federal student aid funds to the federal government. Regulations require us to document the last date of attendance at (or participation in) an "academically-related activity" for students with failing grades in order to determine the amount of aid to retur

Attendance Requirements when Grading in LionPATH

If you are giving a "no grade" (NG), deferred grade (DF), or an F in LionPATH, you will be asked to enter an attendance category. The choices are "Never attended," "Participated partial semester," and "Participated entire semester." Only in cases where there was partial participation will you be asked to enter the last date of attendance. For resident courses, this would be attendance at an actual class. For online courses, it should be the student's last meaningful interaction in the LMS (e.g., discussion post, submission, etc.).

Early Progress Reporting and Large-Enrollment Courses

If you are instructing a large-enrollment course and want your TAs to complete early progress reports, those TAs need to be entered into LionPATH with "grade" access to the system. This will put them into Starfish and give them the ability to complete early progress reports. Please be aware of permissions that will be granted in Canvas if you add TAs to LionPATH. 

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