Access after the Course Ends

Unless you deactivate the course site, students (and you) will continue to have access to your password-protected course materials for one year from the last day of the course, provided their Penn State Access user ID and password remain valid. (Students must continue to be registered for Penn State courses in order to maintain a valid Penn State Access account.)

Even after your course has officially ended, some students will continue to check back into the course to review material and check their grades. Because you will not continue to check into the course every day, you should post a message to your course announcements, discussion group, and/or e-mail to let your students know that if they need you after that date, they should contact you directly through e-mail. Be sure that your students have your University e-mail address. This way, a student is discouraged to post something to the course discussion forum or to your course-specific e-mail expecting an answer from you.