Handling Proctored Exams for World Campus Students

In World Campus delivered courses that utilize proctored exams, instructors should put the exam grades in the Canvas grade book and provide any feedback to students through Canvas. The exams are not made available to the student, as the exams do not change each semester and may be used again. For review purposes, a student may contact the World Campus to request that the exam be sent back to the proctor. The student may then review the exam with their proctor. If the student has any questions regarding the exam, they can be written on the exam or an additional piece of paper. The exam and any questions should then be returned to World Campus Student Services, where they will be forwarded to the instructor. Under no circumstances are students permitted to make copies of exam content.

For more information on proctored exams through the World Campus, visit the “Taking Exams and Securing a Proctor” website.