Deferred Grades

A student can request a deferred grade (DF) if he or she is “prevented from completing a course within the prescribed time” (University Policy 48-40). These requests may be made due to illness (their own or a family member’s), injury, death in the family, traumatic life events, natural disasters, or similar circumstances.

Deferred grades are governed by University Policy 48-40: Deferred Grades. All requests for deferred grades are negotiated between you and your students, provided the student has completed the requisite minimum portion of the course (as defined by the college where the course originates). More information about deadlines for deferred grades can be found at the University Registrar website.

There are positive and negative reasons for granting a DF. Positive reasons for the student is time to cope with the situation that prompted the DF and to finish the course without losing money or academic credit. However, the student must complete the work independently without the support of a cohort or much attention from the instructor. A negative effect for the instructor is a carry-over of grading responsibilities once the student turns in his or her delayed assignments.

It is important to work with the student and to establish a communication plan and a clear schedule for completion. At the undergraduate level, all coursework must be complete and grades must be entered into LionPATH ten weeks after final grade reporting date. If the course is not completed within the agreed-upon time frame, you should plan to submit the student’s final grade based on completed lessons.

If you agree to grant a deferred grade, post "DF" for the grade in LionPATH at the end of the semester. DF grades automatically convert to an F if they are not updated by the deadline. Once the grade has automatically changed to an F, you will still have one academic year to submit a change of grade. If you wish to change a grade more than one academic year after the course was offered, you will need to pursue this change through the Faculty Senate.

Students who have not finished during the allotted amount of time may request an extension of the deferred grade. Normally the student should have some kind of extenuating circumstance to justify such an additional extension. If you approve the extension, please contact Student Enrollment Services; the new approved end date of the course will be need to be recorded, as this is reported to the University Registrar.