Managing Student Expectations

Managing student expectations is an important task as your course begins. You will be doing a great deal to help ensure your course runs smoothly and that your students know you are there for them by providing them with information about key elements of your course, such as:

  • how—and how quickly—you will grade assignments;
  • how often you will check—and respond to—course communications like email and discussion postings;
  • how and when you will conduct office hours.

Refer to some of the “Best Practices and Expecations for Online Teaching" for more details.

There are various areas in your online course that can be helpful in communicating this information to your students. The course syllabus should include your course grading rubric, as well as any specific grading policies that you follow. Weekly emails or creating announcements using the announcements feature in Canvas is another way in which you can communicate with your students.

Be sure to update regularly to help you keep your students informed about your virtual office hours, changes to your schedule, lesson expectations, and grading/communication turnaround time.