Student Use of Copyrighted Materials

If your students create Web pages of their own as part of their course work, it would be beneficial to discuss with them in advance the liability that can arise regarding the placement of copyrighted materials – such as software, film or music clips, photos or articles from magazines – on their websites. Students, instructors, and employees of the University who violate copyright law and other conduct standards place the University in legal jeopardy. Further, students  using Penn State information resources must adhere to Policy AD96 Acceptable Use of University Information Resources.

Faculty who become aware of a potential problem regarding the electronic distribution of copyrighted materials or other materials that would violate University computing policies are advised to contact the student and request that he or she remove it, or that such behavior immediately desist. Misuse of University resources such as Web space and electronic mail accounts can result in the suspension of computing privileges for the offending user.