Web Conferencing: Adobe Connect

Definition: Synchronous or asynchronous text, audio, and video communication via the World Wide Web. Example: personal computer-based systems such as Adobe Connect, Centra Symposium, Horizon Wimba, ElluminateLive (formerly Vclass), and WebEx. Capabilities afforded by Web conferencing include: two-way audio, slide shows, instant messaging, document sharing, whiteboard, and application sharing.

New to Web conferencing? See Full-Featured Web Conferencing Systems by Joel Foreman and Roy Jenkins. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a Web-based collaboration tool that includes video conferencing, application sharing, live polling, chat, whiteboards, and presentations. Live, synchronous interactions with small or large groups take place right on your desktop. Penn State has purchased a Adobe Connect license so faculty and staff can use this tool in support of teaching, research, and service. Adobe Connect is supported by Information Technology Services at Penn State.

Where can I learn more?

Adobe Connect Meeting is supported by Information Technology Services (ITS) at Penn State. See the Adobe Connect Meeting Hub for more information, including a Quick Start guide, documentation, and tutorials.   

Do I need special training?

Yes - While Adobe Connect Meeting is a fairly easy-to-use product, we do recommend attending a demo and a training session. Penn State's ITS Consultants offer both on a fairly regular schedule. See the Adobe Connect Meeting Hub for more information.

How can I get Adobe Connect Meeting space?  

Penn State’s license model for creating Meeting spaces in Adobe connect is based on the persons primary Affiliation in Ldap. Persons affiliated as Faculty and Staff will have a meeting creator license.

Creating a Connect meeting is a simple process. You create the meeting; invite participants to attend the meeting or open it up to anyone who has the meeting URL; upload and/or prepare the content that you want to share; and then begin the meeting.  Learn how to create your space at Meeting at Penn State and select Adobe Connect: The Basics (PDF)

What other resources are available for Adobe Connect?

ITS provides a number of helpful resources, including: