Audio Conferencing

Definition: Synchronous voice communication via traditional telecommunications infrastructure, H.323 videoconferencing protocol, or the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Examples: point-to-point telephone calls and bridge-mediated conference calls involving three or more participants.

Penn State Call Center

Penn State's Call Center provides operator-assisted and Meet-Me audio conferencing (telephone) services. (Operator assisted calls originate from a University Park operator. Meet-me calls require each participant to dial in to a central University Park number.) The Call Center also provides speakerphones free of charge. These phones can adjust to analog or digital lines (but not VoIP systems). See the Call Center Web page (linked above) for more information.

Note: Most University Park campus phones already have a "3-way calling" capability that allow three participants to conference without having to go through the Call Center.

Related resources:

  • Speakerphone Reservation Form
  • Penn State's Reservation-less Audio Conference Calling service allows users to conduct audio conference calls anytime, anyplace - without the need to reserve calls ahead of time. The service provides a permanent toll-free dial-in conferencing number, participant access code, and a host security code that enables conferees to conduct meetings in their own virtual conference room. Permanent conferencing numbers are assigned to University Purchase Cards. The card is only charged 6 cents per minute (per participant) for conference call usage. The service can accommodate up to 50 participants on one call and offers multiple features, including digital recording options, entry/exit name announce options, and broadcasting capabilities. To set up the University's On-Demand Audio Conferencing service, contact the Call Center at 814-863-3410.


Skype is a free Internet telephony client. To use this tool, you need a computer with access to the Internet, the Skype software (a free download), and an audio headset with a microphone. Skype is simple to set up and use and lets one talk in real-time to other Skype users. It has a "conference call" feature that let's one participate in group calls with up to four other people. It also has file transfer and instant messaging features.