More Faculty Development Resources

Whether you prefer to learn more about teaching online through a formal process like a course or through self-study resources like books and web sites, there are countless resources available to help you throughout your online teaching career!

World Campus Training Resources

One obvious source for learning more about teaching online is the suite of courses provided by the World Campus like OL 2000. You can read more about course offerings on the Faculty Development Web site where you can also register. The following is a quick overview of current offerings and offerings in development.

Please contact Academic Outreach Faculty Development for questions and information about other opportunities other information!

Academic Outreach Faculty Development
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Title Description Schedule of Offerings
OL 1000: Welcome to the World Campus Orientation to the World Campus. This course is designed to orient you to working with the World Campus. Learn the “in’s” and “out’s” of marketing, learning design, help desk and student services. On a Program by Program Basis
OL 1500: Technology Overview The basics of working with Angel. Open Enrollment
OL 1700: Military Audience A self-directed course covering how to effectively meet the unique needs of military members, veterans, and their families. Under Development
OL 1800: Accessibility A self-directed course taking you through six common scenarios to familiarize you with effectively meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Open Enrollment
OL 1900: ProveIt! Demonstrate your ability to perform 27 basic competencies. This competency-based faculty development program is designed to assess faculty readiness to teach online. Open Enrollment
OL 2000: Effective Online Teaching Essential skills for teaching online from a student perspective.   New section starts each month
OL 2500: Course-Study Investigation Case-based issue resolution exercise. Under development
OL 2700: Teaching Presence An exploration of how to establish and maintain teaching presence in the online classroom. New section starts each month
OL 2800: Effective Group Work Strategies and methods for effective team/group work in the online classroom. Under development
OL 3000: Technology in Education Hands-on technology review and analysis experience. Scheduled upon request
OL 4000: Online Course Authoring A review of the instructional design process for the design, development and construction of an online course. Offered twice per year
Title Description Schedule of Offerings
VLN 1000: Orientation to the VLN Introduction to the Video Learning Network Scheduled upon request
VLN 2000: Effective VLN Instruction Gain more in-depth knowledge about the VLN Scheduled upon request