ACTIVITY: Customizing Managing Your Online Course

In this lesson we've been discussing the problems and pitfalls associated with online teaching, as well as some ways to improve the teaching process. As we wrap things up, we are going to turn our attention back to Managing Your Online Course to turn that tool into a customized resource for you to use.


  1. Return to Managing Your Online Course.
  2. Copy and paste the contents of that page (the main content column only) into either a word processing document or a web page (your choice).
  3. Carefully work your way through each item on the checklist, modifying it as needed for your own teaching needs so that you end up with a customized checklist you can follow during the semester. The goal is to turn this checklist into your own personal to-do list for your course!
    NOTE: Use bolding, strike-through, a colored font or some other mechanism to indicate the changes you have made to the original checklist. That will make it easier for the rest of us to see what you have done!
    (As with our previous activities, if you aren't going to be teaching your own online course in the near future, be creative! Help a faculty member outside of OL 2000 to create a checklist for his/her course or create one for a course that you are planning to teach someday.)
    • Is there an item that doesn't apply? Remove it!
    • Is there something unique to your course that is missing? Add it! For example, you might have week-by-week action items like "Grade Homework #1 by Thursday" or "Send a reminder to the class about XYZ assignment."
  4. Post your document or the URL for your web page to the “Managing Your Online Course Discussion Forum” in ANGEL, either as an attachment (documents) in the body of a posting (URLs). (If the former, make sure it is in a format that others will be able to easily view, such as a PDF, Google Doc, or Microsoft Word document.)
    • Click on the "Activities" link in the left-hand menu
    • Click on the link to the “Managing Your Online Course Discussion Forum”
  5. Read at least TWO checklists that your peers have posted to the forum and provide them with meaningful feedback. If you had to use that individual's checklist to teach his/her course, would it be clear? What questions would you have? Do you have any suggestions that would make the letter even more effective?
NOTE: Please provide feedback first to a peer who has yet to receive any. Then feel free to provide feedback to more than one individual if you choose to!