Lesson 3

IChecklist showing a score of Excellentn Lesson 2, we looked at the tasks related to the crucial first week of class and to the types of activities you will be engaged in as you teach your course on a daily basis. Now we will turn our attention to helping students make progress toward your course goals.

Referring back to Managing Your Online Course, we will delve more deeply into the ongoing task of grading student work and the opportunity to provide students with feedback on their work, then we will turn to discussing ways you can receive feedback on the course itself and on your teaching at mid- and end-of-semester.

Lesson 3 Deliverable

At the end of Lesson 3, you will be asked to share an assignment from your own course, along with the grading rubric you will use for that assignment. You will post these to our discussion forum in order to get feedback from your peers in this course. Likewise, you will be asked to review the assignments and rubrics that others post and provide them with your own feedback. Detailed instructions for this activity will be provided later in this lesson.

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