ACTIVITY: Create A Student Activity & Assessment Plan For Your Course

In this lesson we have focused a great deal on creating student activities and assessments that will help both you and them know if they are making progress toward personal and course learning goals. Now it is time to apply that information to your own course by creating a student activity and assessment plan. You will share this with your peers in this course and will provide one another with feedback.

Note: As with our activity in Lesson 1, if you don't have your own online course, use someone else's to complete this activity or work on a course that you would like to teach someday!


  1. Start by determining what it is you want your students to be able to do by the end of your course. These should be concrete, measurable outcomes.
  2. Next, determine how you will measure those outcomes at the end of the course. Will students have to write a term paper, complete a project, perform an activity, pass an exam, or…? The methods you select will be your “assessments.”
  3. Now, working backwards, what kinds of learning activities will you build into your course that will provide students with practice opportunities and/or building blocks that will prepare them to be successful when completing your major course assessments? For example, if you will be requiring a large term paper, you might assign students to draft components of that paper for feedback at various points during the semester (e.g., an outline, a lit review, a methods description, etc.). As we discussed in this lesson, ideally you should provide your students with weekly learning activities, whether formal or informal, where they can receive feedback on their work.
  4. Prepare a single word processing document that outlines the student activity and assessment plan you have just determined for your course in Steps 1 through 3. In other words, your document should include:
    • A list of your course learning outcomes
    • A description of your end-of-course assessment(s)
    • A week-by-week overview of the learning activities you will build into your course
  5. Post your document to the "Assessment Plan Discussion Forum" in ANGEL in a format that others will be able to easily view, such as a PDF, Google Doc, or Microsoft Word document.
    • Click on the "Activities" link in the left-hand menu
    • Click on the link to the "Assessment Plan Discussion Forum"
    • Post your document by attaching it to a new posting
  6. Read at least TWO documents that your peers have posted to the forum and provide them with meaningful feedback. What did s/he do well? What suggestions do you have that would make the assessment plan even more effective?

NOTE: Please provide feedback first to a peer who has yet to receive any. Then feel free to provide feedback to more than one individual if you choose to!