Setting Up Hidden Nodes in Drupal 6

To set up a course to use hidden nodes, please use the following procedure. You will need to be a course administrator to do this.

  1. Log in to the course.
  2. Go to Site Building > Modules.
  3. Enable the following modules:
    • Hidden Nodes
    • Outline Designer API
    • Outline Designer Book Integration
  4. Go to User Management > Permissions
  5. Ensure that the Instructor role has the ability to do the following:
    • Under Hidden Nodes, View Hidden Content
    • Under Outline Designer, Use Outline Designer
  6. Save, and rebuild permissions by going to Content Management > Post Settings > Rebuild Permissions
  7. Go to Site Configuration > Hidden Nodes
  8. Choose Book Page and Page (multiple-select) and Save Configuration

That should do it. Now you should be able to hide individual pages, or even hide whole lessons within Outline Designer.