Creating a Zoom Room with PSU Authentication

Updated April 9, 2020

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By requiring PSU authentication of participants signing into Zoom meetings, faculty can limit unwanted attendees from joining their classes. This will also help with pre-assigning breakout rooms ahead of meetings.

0. Turn on Authentication in your User Settings on the Web Portal

In your Zoom account settings, turn on the authentication options: > Log in > Settings > Toggle ON “Only authenticated users can join meetings” 

  • To set the default requirement to force students to log in with their PSU credentials, (great for classes), click edit next to " users only' and check 'Set as default authentication option" and Save.

  • use authentication (more restrictive than no authentication as an option for guest speakers)
  • allow no authentication (so that anyone can join a meeting)

Now that you've set up your Zoom account, you can also set up a particular Zoom meeting to require authentication. There are two places to do this:

  1. In Canvas, if you have integrated Zoom with Canvas, OR
  2. In Zoom web settings, where you can create meetings and then share the meeting information with participants via a Canvas Announcement, an email, or another communication method.

1. In Canvas: Setting up a Zoom room requiring Authentication

Do the following so that students can click on Zoom in the course navigation menu to find your class meeting:

Creating the class meeting in Canvas

  • Log into Canvas and Click on Zoom in the course navigation (if Zoom is not there - see directions for adding it) and Schedule a New Meeting.

    Zoom and Choose Schedule New Meeting

  • Enter Topic (ex GEOG 345 - Remote Learning) and description (optional).
  • Enter Times, and you can make this a recurring meeting (all settings will pass to each meeting).
  • Registration - If you require registration, you will be able to get a report of when students joined, exited, and when they were in breakout rooms. You will also see individual polling results if you are using polls (if you did not make them anonymous).
  • Video - We recommend that you turn this off to save bandwidth. If you need to see students, you can choose to turn video on. 
  • Audio - We recommend that you choose both Telephone and Computer Audio so that students without speakers or a microphone can hear the meeting.
  • Meeting Options:
    • Require meeting password: check for another layer of security if desired.
    • Enable join before host: leave unchecked if you don't want students in the class before you arrive. This is especially important if you are auto-recording because the recording will begin when the first person enters your room. (However, you may want to leave "enable join before host" if you are pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms using the web portal.  See Zoom website on Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms for more details.)
    • Mute participants upon entry: Check this box so that students have to unmute their mic to speak by default.  This helps limit background noise. 
    • Use Personal Meeting ID: Do not use your Personal Meeting ID for class meetings.  Save these for smaller meetings or one-to-one meetings
    • Enable waiting room: This is another layer of security. Once participants join the meeting, they have to be admitted by the host first on a one-on-one basis or all at one time.  Unwanted users can be removed before admitting all. 
    • Only authenticated users can join: Use the dropdown to select users only. If you have a guest speaker, you can use 'login with zoom account' and have your guest speaker create a fee zoom account. Note that this also allows students to log-in with free zoom accounts as well. 
    • Record the meeting automatically: will record the meeting to the cloud and will start when anyone enters the room (even outside of the meeting time). If you check this, consider unchecking enable join before host to avoid long recordings. Make sure to stop recording and end meeting for all when you are finished with the meeting. 
  • Advanced Settings:
    • If you have a TA or other assistant, add them as an alternative host.
  • SAVE

Note: Once you save, you will have the option to upload a CSV file for a poll. Use this template for format. See this page for more information on polling in Zoom.


2. In Zoom Web Settings, Setting up a Zoom room requiring Authentication

Go to and Sign in with your PSU access account.

screenshot: Zoom Sign In

Click Meetings in the left-hand menu and then click Schedule a New Meeting.

screenshot: scheduling a new meeting

Give your meeting a name, description, date, and duration. If you expect to need to remove a disruptive student from the meeting, do NOT set this as a recurring meeting. Once you remove a participant, they cannot rejoin--and University policy does not allow you to permanently remove a student from a class.

screenshot: meeting options

Set Registration to Required, and set audio and video settings. By having participants register, a report will be generated for when participants joined and left meetings/breakout rooms. It will also let you see individual participant poll results. 

screenshot: audio and video settings

Mute participants on entry, and choose Only Authenticated users can join (You can choose the level of authentication - choose ' users only' for maximum security).

screenshot: meeting options

Use this setting if you want your TAs to act as Hosts (remember, you can always make them co-hosts from within the meeting). If your TAs are alternative hosts and join before you do, you will need them to make you the Host when you arrive at the meeting.

Save button

After you save the meeting, you will be given the meeting information, where you can change other settings.

screenshot: other meeting settings

You'll need to use the Registration URL to invite students to the meeting. The meeting will NOT show up under the Zoom link in Canvas if you set it up using these instructions. If you would like to set it up in Canvas, and then adjust the settings in Zoom, see Setting up an Authenticated Meeting using Canvas and Zoom, above.

If you set up the meeting using these instructions, post a Canvas Announcement with the registration link and tell students to check their PSU email for the link to get into the meeting.

screenshot: registration link

If you want to set up Polling, scroll to the bottom of the meeting information. You can add polls here.

screenshot: setting up poling