Mathpix Snip – Tool that is an easy and fast way to create math equations using LaTex.

Here are some highlights of the tool:

  • Mathpix Snip is free (up to 50 snips per month)
  • Original equations can be typed or handwritten and put into applications such as Canvas and Microsoft Office.
  • Mathpix Snip works with MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
  • The goal of Mathpix Snip is to save you time.
  • Setting up a Mathpix Snip account is easy and free (up to 50 equations per month).
  • Snips can be edited (if needed) before the LaTex is complete.
  • LaTex can be read by screen readers for users that are visually impaired.
  • Snips can also be copied as a .png file

Watch this demo on YouTube to watch MathPix Snip copy text from a pdf:

Watch this demo on YouTube to watch the many different kinds of formats and equations it can capture.


Once you have your math equation in LaTex, simply paste in any Canvas editor using the advanced feature of the math equation.

Step 1: Open the editor in Canvas where you want your math equation (this example is in a quiz question) and click on the Insert Math editing tool. 

Insert the Math Equation in the editor

Step 2: Switch to Advanced View to paste the LaTex into the editor

Switch to Advanced View

Step 3: Paste LaTex and click Insert Equation

Paste equation and click Insert Equation

Step 4: View Equation and add any surrounding details that are needed.

Final view of equation in editor

Contact Jane Sutterlin ( if you want to see how we've used this tool in Dutton.