Student Activity Tool in Canvas

If you have a student who late-drops a course, and then need to see their last date of activity after the student has dropped, you will need to use the Student Activity Tool in Canvas. This tool must be activated in the course in order for it to be usable. 

The Canvas Student Activity tool allows faculty to view and print a student's last day of activity in a course.

Activate the Student Activity Tool

The Student Activity tool is not turned on by default; it must first be activated. To do so:

  1. On the Canvas Dashboard, in the left navigation panel, click the Courses button.
  2. In the Courses menu that displays, select the name of the course.
    Screen capture of Courses menu with course name selected.
  3. In left course navigation menu, select the Settings link.
  4. On the Settings screen, select the Navigation tab.
  5. In the Student Activity row, click the gear icon.
    Screen capture of Navigation tab with gear icon next to Student Activity indicated.
  6. In the pop-up menu that displays, select Enable.

The Student Activity link will now appear in the left course navigation menu.
Screen capture of course navigation menu with Student Activity link indicated.

Run a Student Activity Report

To run a report using the Student Activity tool:

  1. In the left course navigation menu, select the Student Activity link.
  2. From the Student Name pull-down menu, select the student's name.
    Screen capture of Student Activity Report screen with Student Name pull-down menu indicated.
  3. Click the Run Report button.
    Screen capture of Run Report button.
  4. You can save the report as a PDF by clicking the Save as PDF button.
    Screen capture of Save as P D F button.