TA Permissions in Canvas

If you add a TA to LionPATH, that user will be added as a TA in Canvas. Please be aware that TAs do not have the same rights as Teachers, so there may be some things that your TA will not be able to do. Please see the list below.

Specific TA Functions

Below is a list of different TA functions verified by testing.

Individuals with the TA role can:

  • Grade assignments and quizzes, and modify grades in the Gradebook as needed.
  • View unpublished content, but not publish it.
  • Moderate Discussion Forums (i.e. lock, edit others’ posts, delete, and participate in the forums).
  • Communicate with the class, both individually and in groups, via the communication tools.
  • Manage the Course Calendar and Announcements, including viewing, creating, editing, and deleting.
  • Create, edit, and delete groups.

Individuals with the TA role cannot:

  • Add or edit pages, files, quizzes, or assignments in a course.
  • Publish or unpublish content. TAs can only view unpublished content.
  • Create or edit rubrics.
  • Resolve a final grade in moderated grading with multiple reviewers.