Accessibility: Using Headings on Your Webpages

Please note that using proper headings is one of the MOST IMPORTANT tools for screen reader users.

Credit: Nikki Massaro Kauffman


Content must be “Navigable” by all users. This requires landmarks so screen reader users are able to easily organize and scan a page.

The way to do this is to utilize headings and sub-headings on web pages. Headings are used to organize information into logical pieces and allow screen reader users to scan and navigate to specific parts of a page, just as a sighted user would do. Without proper headings, a screen reader doesn’t differentiate between various topics on a page.

To be in compliance, headings must be created using html code rather than basic formatting. 

Faculty and Learning Design Responsibilities

Use properly formatted headings and sub-headings (rather than simply increasing font size) when working in Drupal. Please review the details of creating properly formatted and compliant headings in Drupal for details.