Google Analytics

Following are the directions for adding Google Analytics to a course as well as some other possible questions that may come up.

Adding Analytics to a Course

Part 1:  Add a new profile to Google Analytics
  • Go to
  • log in as Dutton (, johndutton)
    • Click on Admin
    • Choose the account you want to add the site to.  Once you get more 50 sites in an account  you need to add a new account.
    • Choose "Create new Property" from the pulldown menu under the "Property" column.
    • Scroll to bottom of page and add the course url under "Website Name"
    • Under Website URL, change the http:// to https:// and add " "
    • Change "Reporting Time Zone" to Eastern time
    • Select "Get Tracking ID"
    • Copy the tracking ID from the top of the resulting page.
Part 2: Add Google Analytics to each Drupal 7 course

Enter the course you want to add Google Analytics to (the one you just made a new profile for)

  • Go to the course
  • Log in
  • Go to Configuration -> System -> Google Analytics
  • Paste the code into the "Web Property ID" box
  • Go to Roles and select anonymous user, student and alumni
  • Go to Users - select "no customization allowed"
  • Go to Privacy - check Universal web tracking opt-out
  • Save Configuration

How to give Access to an Individual

How to Track an Individual Page with Google Analytics

Tracking individual pages within a course can be done by using the Users Flow analytics. See Google Analytics Help for more information.