Online Course Design and Review Rubrics

Online Course Design Rubric, New Mexico State University

The "Online Course Design Rubric" used at New Mexico State University was developed based on 40 quality assurance standards that cover the critical aspects of online courses, including course overview and introduction, learning objectives (competencies), assessment and measurement, resources and materials, learner interaction, course technology, learner support, and accessibility. The rubric can also be used for face-to-face courses with e-learning components.


Online Course Evaluation Guidelines and Checklist, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse (UWLC)

The Online Course Evaluation Guidelines and Checklist was developed by University of Wisconsin at La Crosse to help its faculty conduct self-assessment of their online courses. It is consisted of two parts. Part One identifies key features of courses, describes their purposes and gives suggestions on their implementation in the design and teaching practice. Part Two is a checklist that can be used as a simplified reference guide by faculty members to evaluate and revise an existing online course.


Quality Online Course Initiative Rubric, Illinois Central College (ICC)

Quality Online Course Initiative Rubric was developed by the Illinois Online Network at University of Illinois with the purpose of assisting in the design, redesign, and/or evaluation of online courses. It has been used by the faculty of Illinois Central College to assess and improve their online instruction programs.