ANGEL Resources


ANGEL (Penn State's Course Management System) 

Angel is Penn State's Course Management System.


Course Set Up and Delivery Guide

Dutton's Course Set Up and Delivery Guide is a checklist for EMS faculty and teaching assistants who teach online courses that are delivered through the University's course management system, ANGEL.


ANGEL Gradebook

ITS Training Services tutorial on Choosing Points vs. Percentages in the ANGEL Gradebook


ANGEL How-to Directions for Instructors and TAs

Dutton's ANGEL Directions for Instructors and TA's provides a list of resources for some of the most often asked questions about ANGEL.


ANGEL Community Hub (ANGEL community support)

The ANGEL Community Hub is "an open community for in-depth discussion around ANGEL" and is a great place to ask questions and find answers from other Penn State faculty and Learning Designers.


ANGEL "Shorts"

ANGELshorts is a collection of short "5 things you should know about..." documents created by Penn State's ANGEL team - good for faculty, staff, and students who use ANGEL!


World Campus Outreach Helpdesk (World Campus Help)

The World Campus Outreach Helpdesk is a place to go for help for all things WC, including email and chat help for Angel issues.