Usability and ADA Resources


Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines

The website is compiled by the National Cancer Institute. It provides "over 50 of the top Web design and usability guidelines based on emerging research and supporting information in the field." The site is nicely designed!


Usability News

Usability News is a newsletter of the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL). It has lots of helpful research articles pertaining to site design!


Accessibility and Copyright Compliance @ the Dutton Institute

An overview of the steps taken to ensure that our online course materials maximize accessibility: Web Accessibility How To


Accessibility and Usability Guide for Penn State

AccessAbility is Penn State's home for information on accessibility.


Web Accessibility Checklist

The "What To Fix" webpage is Penn State's list for what items to fix to generage an accessible site.


National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM)

NCAM has software and information on captioning QuickTime and other video, CD-ROM accessibility information, and Web design standards for accessibility. 


Introduction to Screen Readers

Introduction to Screen Readers is a great 7 minute movie from UW-Madison explaining...and showing! screen readers work. After watching this, you'll never use "click here" for a hyperlink again!


Color Vision

Color Vision ( provides a nice overview of color vision issues and a very handy tool that enables one to simulate the appearance of a site's colors for people with different color visions.