Course and Program Design Team Model

Overall Program Design Goals

  • Scalability to large enrollments
  • High retention rates
  • High student satisfaction
  • High faculty satisfaction
  • Positive peer reviews of teaching
  • Substantial net revenue production by year 5

Additional Design Considerations

  • Enhance the student experience and learning effectiveness
  • Personalize the learning environment
  • Keep students and faculty "connected"
  • Employ data-driven decision making
  • Work-integrated / experience-integrated learning
  • Course development: Capitalize on team member's expertise and gain efficiencies

Team Roles

Project Manager (Stevie Rocco)

  • Point of contact for author(s)
  • Create ANGEL shell for course - add designers and technical support
  • Conduct QA Review
  • Support course peer review

Research and Development Coordinator (Patrick Luo)

  • Support technology-enhanced learning
  • Support technology-enhanced assessment

Content Coordinator (Learning Designers)

  • Work with author(s) and science writer to generate course content
  • Identify additional learning resource needs
  • Conduct assessment planning and development
  • Conduct course evaluation planning and development

Media Specialists (forthcoming multimedia specialist)

  • Develop graphics and visualizations
  • Produce video resources
  • Produce MediaSite Live resources


Instructional Design Assistants (Jennifer Babb and Debbie Novitsky)

  • Create Drupal shell for the course
  • Manage eReserves (if needed)
  • Oversee course maintenance
  • Coordinate copy editing process