Canvas Mail Tip

I wanted to make sure you're aware of a problem with Canvas inbox. An email was sent about this a while back, but it's important enough for a reminder to be sent. If you send a message to multiple people in Canvas, every response to that thread from then on will go to all of the original recipients (even if you don't see all of the names in the To box).

Here is an example of something we've seen:


Confidentiality Holds

First, you should be aware that directory holds (where students request that their directory information remain confidential), appear differently in Canvas. On the Canvas roster page, faculty should see a red asterisk after the student’s name on the roster and a footnote at the bottom of the roster list that serves as a legend (*Confidential).

TA Permissions in Canvas

If you add a TA to LionPATH, that user will be added as a TA in Canvas. Please be aware that TAs do not have the same rights as Teachers, so there may be some things that your TA will not be able to do. Please see the list below.

Specific TA Functions

Below is a list of different TA functions verified by testing.

Individuals with the TA role can:

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