Course Prerequisites

Penn State’s registration system currently does not prevent students from scheduling courses for which they have not completed the prerequisites. Therefore, instructors are encouraged to review student prerequisites at the beginning of the course. eLion provides instructors with a list of students who have not met the prerequisites. [From the left side bar in eLion, select “Prereq Class List.”]

If you believe that specific prerequisites are imperative, you may want to send an email to these students to emphasize the importance of completing course prerequisites. Sometimes a student’s life experiences may convince an instructor that a specific student can successfully complete the course without the prerequisite. Penn State is developing strategies to incorporate prior learning through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). To learn more about PLA, visit a conversation featuring Dr. Pat Shope, Enrollment Services Specialist in the Adult Learner Advocacy Office at Penn State Outreach and Online Education.

Instructors have the prerogative to refuse admission to a class if it appears obvious that this will not be a successful learning experience for the student. In such cases, students should be told to drop the course via eLion if the course is in eLion. If students do not comply by dropping the course, please contact your department office (for resident education courses) or the World Campus Registrar (for World Campus courses) for assistance.