Posting Grades in eLion

Within 48 hours after the final exam or final assessment of the course, student grades must be entered by instructors in eLion, a Web-based service for students, advisors, faculty, and parents that provides secure real-time access to academic and financial records in the University's administrative database. Access to eLion is automatically granted when you are identified as the instructor for a course. (If you do not have access, check with your academic department.)

In order to input your course grades through eLion, you will need a securID token (also referred to as a “second factor authentication token”) Please contact Jan Moyer, Dutton Institute administrative assistant, to obtain this token. NOTE: You will need to take, and pass, the University's FERPA training before your SecurID can be activated.

At the end of the semester, you will receive an automated e-mail message indicating that you can submit your final course grades to eLion. Please note that you cannot submit grades until the semester ends, which is the timing of the automated e-mail message. Your first step in reporting grades is to log in at the eLion website. (Choose the “Faculty” link from the main screen.)

Need help? See “Help for Grade Entry” (in eLion) and "Publish & Retrieve Gradebook Grades – ANGEL to eLion."